Bring CoachLive to your club

CoachLive will be available for purchase for your club in July 2016. To join our mailing list and receive updates of when CoachLive will be available please sign up by following the link below. 

Be welcomed with a Personalised Display



How to use CoachLive

The CoachLive platform is being developed to create an effortless way to measure your speed and stroke rate as an athlete, provide all the sessions statistics live to the coach and monitor personal and crew performance post training.  Due to the automatic syncing of session data, tracking your progress throughout training is as simple as logging in to the accompanied website. 

CoachLive is the first rowing device to utilise the wireless network. What does this mean for you? As a coach using CoachLive, you can view the stats of all your rowers at once through the ease of your personal smart phone or tablet. 

The CoachLive platform offers a fully customisable display so you can ensure you are keeping track of what is important to you while you train. Heart Rate training is developing as one of the most used methods of training, with bluetooth connectivity CoachLive will allow you to monitor the heart rates of up to 8 athletes at once through one CoachLive device. 

Utilisation of the CoachLive platform follows a simple and intuitive process. The first thing you do when you pick up your CoachLive device is select