The Boat Display

The Boat Display (pictured) represents a new chapter in rowing electronics. The Boat Display shows all the information an athlete is accustomed to, but with three revolutionary functions. 

Simply log in to personalise

The personal results and settings for every athlete are stored on the cloud. An athlete just needs to log in and their personal settings are streamed to the Boat Display ready to row. 

Course Memory

Row against your best time or a pace boat. The Boat Display can remember the vital statistics from an athlete's personal best and display them live against current progress on the course or anywhere.

Coach Control

The Boat Display represents a new level of rowing capability. The coach now has full access though the Coach's Assistant. A coach can control the Boat Display live on the water or set them up with pieces the day before.

The Coach's Assistant

Coach's Assistant turns your phone into the most powerful coaching tool. It has three features


Stats displays the information you need, for the crews you want, with an incredibly simple design. Heart Rate, Pace and Rate are displayed in a customisable view and  can be accessed from around the world in real time.


The pieces page allows coaches to take control of the athletes' Boat Display. This provides the ability to choose which statistics are displayed for the athletes and reset the counters when the squad are about to start a piece. Everything is logged and stored in the cloud so you can review pieces from your first session with CoachLive.


The map page allows coaches to locate and track their crews in real time, while monitoring their split, stroke rate and heart rate. In addition to monitoring a crews' live this function is also useful for finding a lost crew, or even watching a race from the shed.

Control Station

Control Station is a web application for managing your athletes on a desktop or tablet. When your club or school uses Control Station, you will have the tools to monitor 5-1000 athletes in less time then it takes you to drink your morning coffee. You will save time on data collection as the information is shared instantly from the Boat Display. Coaches will have access to the following features plus more.


Training Volume History


Training Scheduling and Coordination


Performance Tracking

The CoachLive platform will be available to clubs for purchase in July 2016. If you think your club could benefit from this, please enter your contact details through the link below and you will be contacted with purchase details.